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Courses Offered

If you would like to hold a course, Grant Safety Solutions requires a three weeks notice. To schedule a course, contact Grant Safety Solutions on our Contact page with questions or to request more information. Your questions or course request will be responded to within 72 hours. A maximum of twelve 30 hour courses can be taught annually.


Provide quality Safety Training and Consulting products to all customers. Quality customer service is the company’s number one priority. Become the premier company to teach safety courses to the Army National Guard and Army Reserve. Become the leading Safety Consulting Company in North Central West Virginia focusing on the Engineering and Construction Industries.

10 Hour OSHA

OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Course

This course provides training on the recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of workplace hazards. It also provides an overview of information regarding OSHA, including workers' rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint. This course is design in 10 hours to make the employee and soldier aware of the safety programs that effect their daily functions. It also give them a great foundation to become an instrument of safety. It also shows the employees and soldiers how the safe job site rules are written and where to find the references to answer future questions. It gives a good overview of the personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements and the effects of long term exposures.

Class List: OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Course
  1. Introductions and Admin
  2. Introduction to OSHA
  3. Army Safety Program
  4. Walking and Working Surfaces
  5. Fire Protection
  1. Electrical
  2. Hand tools
  3. Hazard Communications
  4. PPE
  5. Material Handling
10 Hour OSHA

OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Course

This course trains supervisors on their responsibilities for providing and maintaining safe and healthful working conditions for their employees. This course enables the supervisor to recognize and eliminate, or reduce occupational safety and health hazards in their working units. The course integrates the US Army’s Safety program based on AR 385-10 and uses 29 CFR 1910 to establish the OSHA standards at the Army National Guard and Army Reserve user level. It also gives the maintenance personnel a firm bases to establish a sound safety program at the armory, aviation facilities, maintenance shops and readiness centers. This course helps the supervisors and maintenance personnel conduct job hazards analysis and understand the programs that must be implemented to protect the employees and m-day soldiers. The 30 hour course is also designed to integrate the SASOHI checklist with the OSHA 1910 standards to give the supervisors a better understanding of where the requirements are listed.

Class List: OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Course
  1. Introductions and Admin
  2. Intro to OSHA
  3. Intro to OSHA Student Handout
  4. Army Safety Program
  5. Walking and Working Surfaces
  6. Fire Protection
  7. Fire Prevention
  8. Hazard Communications
  9. Hazardous Materials
  10. Confined Space
  11. General Environmental Conditions / Lockout n Tagout
  12. Bloodbourne Pathogens
  13. PPE
  14. Electrical
  15. Industrial Hygeine
  1. Noise Exposure
  2. Material Handling
  3. Welding, Cutting and Brazing
  4. Machine Guarding
  5. Hand and Portable Tools
  6. Powered Platforms
  7. Job Hazards Analysis
  8. PE Workplace Inspections - SASOHI Checklist
  9. AR 385-10
  10. DA Pam 385-10
  11. TB 43-0142 / TB 43-0156
  12. AGAR
  13. Forms
  14. Miscellaneous
10 Hour OSHA

OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Course

Designed for the entry level Army engineer and equipment operator. The 10 Hour Construction Safety course focuses on accident prevention through teaching the basics of construction safety. The course uses the OSHA Focus Four Hazards program to emphasize the main risks to construction workers. The Focus Four classes are Falls Hazards, Electrocution, Struck By and Caught-In or Between (e.g. trench hazards, equipment). DA PAM 385-26, The Army Electrical Safety Program, is also covered. The course also has an extensive review of the proper Personal Protective Equipment required on a project site. The course provides an overview of the information regarding OSHA, including workers' rights and employer responsibilities. It helps integrate the OSHA 1926 standards into Army practices on the job site.

Class List: OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Course
  1. Intro and Admin
  2. Introduction to OSHA
  3. Army Safety Program & AGAR
  4. Fall Protection
  5. Electrocution
  6. Struck By
  7. Caught in or Between
  8. PPE
  1. Health Haz - Haz Comm
  2. Stairs and Ladders
  3. Hand Tools
  4. AR 385-10
  5. DA Pam 385-10
  6. DA Pam 385-26
  7. Forms
Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation and Board President’s Course

This course is designed to educate someone who is not qualified as a Safety Officer and maybe appointed as a Board President for Class A or B accident investigation. The course of instruction begins with an Army Safety Program review and plunges into Accident Causation and Human Factors. The course conducts an extensive review of the DA PAM 385-40 procedures and focuses on products that need to be developed during the 4 phases of accidents investigation. The course reviews witness interview techniques and data analysis. They are numerous practical exercises and accident investigation videos. It is also a good course for the State Safety Manager who may serve as a board recorder. It can help the recorder guide a Board President that has not taken the course through an accident investigation. The course also helps the student develop a good accident investigation library for future use.

Class List: Accident Investigation and Board President's Course
  1. Introductions to Accident Investigation
  2. Army Safety Program
  3. Accident Causation
  4. Accident Investigation and Reporting
  5. Accident Investigation Prep
  6. Practical Exercises # 1 and #2
  7. Practical Exercise #3 AGAR
  8. Accident Investigation
  9. Security and Diagramming
  10. Witness Interviews
  11. Practical Exercise #4 Witness Interview
  12. Accident Investigation Techniques
  1. Accident Scene Photography
  2. Human Factors
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Practical Exercise #5 Task Errors
  5. Hazards at the Accident Site
  6. Medical Aspects of the Accident Investigation
  7. Legal Aspects of Accident Investigation
  8. Accident Board Responsibilities
  9. Finding and Recommendations
  10. Red Book Technical Report
  11. Practical Exercise #6 Writing Findings and Recommendations

Additional Duty Safety Officer Course (ADSO) (Army)

It gives a detail overview of the US Army’s Safety program. It is broken down into 5 sections, AR 385-10, Composite Risk Management, CFR 1910 SASOHI Safety Inspection program, Accident Reporting and NGR 385-10. This course focuses on additional duty safety personnel at the company through brigade level.

Safety Stand Down Training

Program of instruction tailored for a specific unit's needs for a drill weekend Safety Stand Down. Safety Stand Downs are a great way to emphasize a particularly weak area of safety. It is also a good way to focus attention on a future training event or deployment. Safety Stand Down programs can be a combination of OSHA and Army/Aviation safety topics and future rule and program changes. A Safety Stand Down is a great way to launch a major safety campaign that is intended to raise awareness, educate and provide resources to prevent injuries and death.

If you would like to schedule a course please contact Joel at 304-203-0792 or joel.sandy@grantsafetysolutions.com. He will place your course on the company’s website calendar. Please schedule your courses as early as possible. The schedule only allows twelve 30 hour and eight 10 hour courses per fiscal year (FY- October to September).

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